Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my child for services? 

The registration application is only available online only. Students must be registered for services each time a new summer camp or aftercare season begins, even if they are returning students. ​

When do I have to pay for services? 

Accounts must show a balance of $0 in order for students ​participate in services. Accounts are billed on Friday morning for the coming week. Parents/guardians should make a full payment by Friday at 6pm in order to avoid the denial of entry for their children on Monday of the coming week. ​ Parents who wish to pay two weeks at a time are welcome to do so, provided the balance on the account is always $0 or reflecting a CREDIT fro weeks to come.

How do I pay for services?

Payments can be made here using our Procare software and a credit or debit card.. This guarantees that the account will be updated immediately. Parents/guardians may also call our office (443-927-8777) to make a payment by phone. The organization does not accept cash.  Some sites will accept money orders or credit cards onsite. 

Do I have to pay when services are not in session? 

Weekly fees will ONLY be prorated if services are offered for less that 3 days in a given week. Otherwise, if services are offered for 3 or more days in a given week, accounts will be billed for the FULL weekly fee. 

Do I have to pay when my child does not attend? 

Account will be billed weekly for as long as the child is enrolled in a service. If students will not be present for an extended amount of time, parents/guardians may send written notice of the absence, at least two weeks in advance, to avoid being charged for the weeks when the student does not attend. Otherwise, actual attendance will not determine whether or not accounts are billed. 

How can I contact the teacher my child works with?

In most cases, it is best to speak with the site-coordinator at the service location regarding concerns.  Parents/guardians are welcome to call 443-927-8777 to voice concerns. 

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This information is updated as often as rules and policies of the organization change. If you are a current participant, you will receive notice of any changes.