Aftercare: Student tuition is paid weekly. Late payments will be assessed a fee of $20 for each week the fee is not paid. Money order and credit card payments are accepted. Payment is due the last day of the previous week of service or the first day of the current week of service. Please see a full description of the late fee policy listed on our website,

Summer: Student tuition is paid in advance. Late payments will be assessed a fee of $20 for each week the fee is not paid. Money order and credit card payments are accepted. Read the full payment options on the summer camp page.  Please see a full description of the late fee policy listed on our website, here.


Tuition will not be adjusted based on projected or unexpected absences. This includes emergency closings due to weather conditions and building conditions beyond our control. Should a child be absent during a day, or several days, the fee is still the same for the entire aftercare and summer camp program. Parent further understands that he/she is responsible for providing written notice to M2 at least two weeks in advance regarding a withdrawal from the aftercare program. Once a student attends the summer camp program, withdrawal is an option but a refund is not. During aftercare, the account will be charged for two weeks following the last day of service.


Only persons listed on our documentation will be allowed to pick up students. Any person picking up a child must enter the building,  provide state issued identification, and provide a personal identification number associated with the account.


Aftercare field trips will be scheduled in advance. Parents will sign permission slips for each field trip at least two weeks in advance. During summer camp, all field trips will be included in the calendars available at the time of registration. By completing the registration form for summer camp, parents also give permission for students to attend all field trips listed on the summer camp calendar. Parents will sign waivers, as necesssary, one week in advance of field trips. During summer camp, all students who are present for the day must attend the scheduled field trip. No students or staff members will remain in the building during scheduled field trips.  


Check with your specific location to be sure you are aware of the official closing time. The program will begin assessing late fees, $2 per minute, immediately following the final pick up time. Any late pick-up fees are due at the conclusion of the program week in which such late pick occurred, and must be paid before the child can participate in a new week of service.


The organization promises to offer services at the scheduled times, which does includes before school hours, after school hours and summer camp posted hours. We do not offer services on holidays recognized by the school district, professional development days or early dismissal days chosen by the school district. 


Parents are responsible for notifying the program of any medical information pertinent to the child’s health, safety and well-being. Parents must ensure that emergency contact information is updated at all times. We cannot ensure that all lunches, snacks and/or dinners are peanut or allergen free.  


If a medical emergency arises, the appropriate medical attendants (ambulance/police) and the parents will be notified simultaneously. Staff will accompany a child to the hospital, if necessary.


A child may not attend the program if he/she has an illness or condition that puts the health of other children or staff members in danger. A doctor’s release is required for any child listed as having a communicable illness.


If a child accidentally or deliberately damages any property on the site, the parent will be held responsible for the replacement cost of the equipment.


BAD BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Consequences for severely disruptive or disrespectful behavior will be decided at the discretion of the directors, and may include any of the following: warning letter, suspension and/or expulsion. Suspension or expulsion may be used as a remedy for inappropriate behavior, at the sole discretion of the directors of the aftercare program.


All adults who interact or care for students will complete an application/interview process, and background checks as needed. Staff to student ratio is 1:25.

When travelling to trips, the staff to student ratio will be 1:20.

 The organization assures parents that all staff members in direct connection s with students have secured the necessary requirements to participate in a child care facility.


We are committed to providing a safe and engaging aftercare program with various indoor and outdoor activities. The parent’s signature gives a child permission to participate in all adult-led activities unless otherwise noted in writing. On city regulated “code red” days, outdoor activities will be limited or suspended. Furthermore, the parent signature yields permission for a student to participate in planned or unplanned field trips, provided parents are notified in advance.


All personal clothes, equipment and other effects (e.g. prescription medicine) should be clearly labeled with the name of the student. Participants are to leave all valuables, jewelry, and personal electronic devices at home (including, without limitation, cell phones, tablet devices, etc.). Such items are expressly prohibited during aftercare hours. The aftercare program is not responsible for any lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged personal items.


The program will provide a snack and dinner for each child who attends each day. Children are welcome to bring in their own meals/snacks and will be allowed to eat those items at the designated meal times.


Clothing with explicit and/or offensive messaging or language as well as any other attire deemed suggestive, provocative or otherwise inappropriate by the directors of the aftercare program (in their sole discretion) are expressly prohibited. Participants that arrive to the aftercare program wearing any such attire will not be permitted to participate in program activities until such attire is removed and replaced with appropriate clothing.


The directors reserve the right to dismiss a student at any time with just cause.
To add, the organization reserves the right to have a participant removed from the premises by a state, city or local authority provided the parent/guardian has been notified of an unlawful presence.
Lastly, the program reserves the right to refuse services to specific individuals on the basis of prior knowledge or experiences. Formal written notice will always be provided.

The use of cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted while your child is in our care. We reserve the right to confiscate any electronic devices seen, lock them away and return them to the parent who picks up the child at the end of the day. To add, students who use cell phones during the camp day may receive consequences according to the behavior management system. Please be sure to obtain all contact numbers for the site so that you can reach us if you ever need to get an urgent message to your child.


The organization’s main goal is to keep all children safe and actively participating in the Magic Minds experience. Behavior challenges are an immediate interruption and distraction to this promise to parents. We reserve the right to respond to behavior challenges in any or all of the following options: written warning, altered schedule, suspension, expulsion. 

The organization is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. We strongly suggest that students do not enter the program with anything of major value. 

The registration fee in non-refundable. Full refunds will only be given 30 days before camp begins. If the scheduled camp date is less that 30 days away, only partial refunds will be rendered, based on the policy stated on the website. No refunds will be issued for aftercare services.

Weekly payments are due BEFORE the week of service begins. Any student who does not have a $0 balance on Friday at 6:00pm may be denied entry in the coming week.