May 12, 2020

To Parents:

Thank you for continuing to stay connected to Magic Minds, Inc. We hope that your families are doing well, keeping safe and staying home. Furthermore, we hope that the Magic Minds students are making the adjustment to virtual learning.

The school districts have all released the following information:  

School buildings will remain closed through the end of the school year. The last day of school in Howard County will be Monday, June 15, 2020, and the last day of school in Baltimore City and County will be June 22, 2020. 

As always, Magic Minds follows the calendars of the school systems it services. The above information guarantees that we will not offer before and aftercare services for the remainder of the 2019/2020 school year, but it does not speak to the guidelines for school building usage and the gathering of students for the summer months. School systems still operate year-round, although the academic school year does not. Thus, our organization continues to wait on the guidance of  Maryland's leading officials to make decision regarding the possibility of Summer Session 2020. In light of the uncertainty that still remains, the deadline to pay for summer camp has been lifted. The full amount for summer camp is no longer due by May 15, 2020. We have not made any further decisions on a new payment plan. And, any outstanding fundraiser money will be collected as soon as we are granted permission to reopen. 

As mentioned before, Magic Minds plans to open its doors as soon as those of the school system are open. We will be sure to notify all parents of the schedule and payment requirements at that time. Again, we are thankful that you remain connected to us during this time, and we eagerly wait for the chance to see you again!

​Take care. 

Dear Parents, 

As school ends and summer begins, our state has offered few mandates surrounding the operation of summer camps. With the regulations that have been presented, our organization would be forced to double the number of staff working with campers.  This change would be directly proportionate to a change in the fee for camp. Plainly stated, if we double the number of staff, we must also double the fee. Our mission has always been to offer an academic summer camp at an affordable rate. Based on the current CDC regulations, we would not be able to honor this mission, and thus, we will not offer an in-person program for Summer Session 2020. 

We are still committed to student learning, especially in the face of the abrupt end to teaching in March 2020. We have launched a NEW PROGRAM that will continue, even when schools reopen! As always, the program is very affordable and offers research-based instruction from certified teachers. Please click here to read about our new virtual learning experience. 

Forward all questions to or 443-927-8777 (text-preferred). 

Take care. 


March 18, 2020

To Parents:

We hope that your families are safe and doing their best to manage the national crisis we are all faced with at this time. In response to government mandates, all child care services in our organization are paused until further notice. We will follow the schedule for the school districts of the students we service. Therefore, we will reopen our doors when Baltimore City and Howard County school districts have students return to school. Until then, no accounts will be billed the weekly rates. Our office is open remotely, and we are still available to answer calls, respond to questions, provide proof of payments and accept any payments in arrears. 

Will Summer Camp Still Operate?

At this time, summer camp plans have not changed. All service schedules, payment requirements and deadlines remain the same. Registration remains open. Candy sales may continue for those that already have candy. We are working on ways to collect those funds from those of you who are ready to submit money. We are unable to obtain a new shipment of candy at this time.

Please know that, with you, we share the hardship of drastic changes due to the presence of the coronavirus in our world. We will do our absolute best to keep you informed of our decisions that affect you and your family. Please feel free to check this page as often as you like for updates.