In our launch year, 207 campers registered and participated in the academics and the activities of the Summer Session 2015. In Summer Session 2016, our camper population grew to 285 students from Baltimore City, County and private schools. In the consecutive years leading up to this one, our camper population has grown by no less than 25% each summer session.

  • 91% of the campers are present every day and on time for academic instruction
  • 94%  of the campers make adequate academic progress on skills taken directly from Common Core State Standards
  • 100% of the grade level teachers (and ALL directors) were/are certified through the Maryland State Board of Education 

Parent Feedback

At the end of Summer Session 2015, 189 parents willingly participated in a satisfaction survey. In 2016, 216 parents completed surveys. Their responses are summarized below:

  • 97.6% of the parents reported that they were "pleased" or "very pleased" with the academic aspects of the summer camp
  • 94% of the parents reported that they were "pleased" or "very pleased" with the activities and the field trips 
  • 91% of the parents said they chose the camp because of the inclusion of academics AND fun
  • When asked what they would change about the camp, 72% of the parents wished to see the camp last longer than 6 weeks. (This adjustment was made in Summer Session 2016.)