​​Enrollment Agreement (Academic Rewind) 

Summer Session 2020 is broken into 3 separate classes:
       1.  READING Instruction, offered Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 11:00am
       2.  MATH Instruction, offered Monday through Thursday from 12:00pm to 2:00pm
       3.  Production Class, offered Friday from 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Any student registered for at least one class will be able to participate in the production class on Fridays. Students can participate in reading class only, math class only, or both reading and math classes.

Each academic class is $25/week for each child. There are no sibling discounts for this program. The following scenarios are available:
       A.  student participates in READING class Monday – Thursday and production class on Friday for a fee of $25/week.
       B.  student participates in MATH class Monday – Thursday and production class on Friday for a fee of $25/week.
       C.  student participates in READING AND MATH class Monday – Thursday and production class on Friday for a fee of $50/week.

Parent can choose the option that best fits their needs and their schedule. The choice made on this registration form can not be changed.

The full fee for all weeks, based on class choices, is due before June 22, 2020.

Each day, students will learn new skills and new ways of technology use. Each new camp day will depend on the knowledge acquired the day before. To add, every minute of the class time will be important to the student’s learning.  Therefore, the following protocols will be in place.
--Parents must notify the teacher in advance if a student will be absent.
--Students will not miss more than 3 classes during the entire program.  One warning letter for frequent absences may be followed by termination from the program, if attendance continues to be a problem.
--Students will log in no later than 5 minutes after each class begins. Teachers reserve the right not to allow students to enter a class after instruction has been in session for 10 minutes. In other words, if a class begins at 9:00am, a teacher has the right to deny entry of any students after 9:10am. Furthermore, if a student enters the session after 9:05am, the student will be marked tardy. One warning letter for frequent tardies may be followed by termination from the program, if lateness continues to be a problem.
--Students must remain present for the entire class. Early dismissals will be grouped with tardies, and the restrictions listed above will apply.

Students will sign into the virtual classroom from the comfort of their own homes. However, all body language, attire and overall student behavior must present a readiness to learn. The following decorum protocols will be enforced:
--Students must be seated upright with a full face in view of the camera. No cameras can be turned off during class.
--Students must arrive to class with pencil, paper and a stylus to be used during instruction.
--Microphones must be muted unless the teacher permits otherwise.
--Students must be in a quiet place, in which no distractions (including but not limited to televisions, radios, cell phones and games systems) are present.
--Teachers reserve the right to dismiss a student from class if the nature of the student’s decorum becomes a distraction to instruction.

Each day, certified teachers will administer pre-planned lessons that cover skills and standards listed under the Maryland State Common Core Standards for the specified grade level. The organization chooses standards (a group of skills) according information the school systems release to teachers as the skills that show the lowest performance across the state. In some instances, these standards may vary due to circumstances controlled by Maryland school systems. Students will be grouped according to grade levels, but may be in a class setting with students in 2-3 consecutive grade levels. Overall The following protocols will remain true, to the best of the organization's ability, for all academic instruction: 

--ASSESSMENTS: Students will receive a pre-assessment at the start of the session and a post assessment at the end of session. Teachers will share the scores of both assessments at the end of the session. During the session, teachers will administer periodic assessments, as well. These assessment scores may be available upon written request. 

--MAKE UP LESSONS: Due to time constraints, teachers are not required to return to the previous day's lesson to teach students who were late or absent. Administering make up lessons, assignments and assessments is left to the individual teacher's discretion. The organization strongly discourages absences, late arrivals and early dismissals. 

-- ACCOMMODATIONS/MODIFICATIONS: The organization recognizes that registered students may follow an individualized education plan during the school year. During the summer session, teachers are required to consider any IEPs that are submitted at the time of registration. While consideration is required, full implementation of all modifications and accommodations on the IEP is not. The parent is welcome to communicate with the teacher as often as possible to ensure the best compromise is these individual situations. Due to time constraints, some accommodations and modifications may not occur. 

--PROGRESS REPORTS: Teachers will provide a progress report for students within 10 days of the last day of instruction. Progress reports will outline the skills taught during the summer session, as well as a comparison of the student's status at the beginning and end of the summer camp session according to such skills.  

--PARTICIPATION: Only registered students, the assigned teacher and officials of the organization are allowed to participate in the classroom setting. Participation from parents, other family members and unregistered students is prohibited. Parent conferences and parent-teacher discussions should take place outside of the instructional class time.

--SUBSTITUTES: The organization will not supply substitutes when a teacher is needs to be absents. Teachers are allowed to be absent 3 times during the session. In lieu of their presence, the teacher must provide independent activities and assignments for students to complete in place of the lesson. Additionally, the teacher will be required to alert all parents of her/his absence at least 48 hours in advance. Teachers will provide directions for independent assignments to students the day before the absence.

All instructional protocols may be subject to adjustments based on the age, maturity level and research-based attention span expectation of the student.  

In order to fully participate in the virtual learning experience, students must have ALL of the following:
--updated electronic devices (laptop preferred, tablet permitted, cell phone strongly discouraged)
--notebook with at least 50 clean pages
--pen or pencil

The following equipment is optional:
--external microphone
--mouse (wired or wireless)
--lap desk

The use of cell phones for personal use is not permitted while your child is in our virtual learning class. While using laptops or tablets for instruction, students should not be logged in to any websites that do not pertain to the current classroom instruction. Magic Minds, Inc and its affiliates, including The Academic Review and Beyond the Natural are not responsible for any child’s misuse of the electronic devices in their possession. We reserve the right to render consequences to students found misusing electronic devices. Consequences may include, but are not limited to, removal from a fun activity, dismissal from class, termination from the program. No refunds will be issued in response to consequences.
The organization’s main goal is to keep all children safe and actively participating in the Magic Minds experience. Behavior challenges are an immediate interruption and distraction to this promise to parents. We reserve the right to respond to behavior challenges in any or all of the following options: written warning, altered schedule, suspension, expulsion. Refunds will not be issued in any of these instances.
Magic Minds, Inc and the Academic Review may use a photograph or other image of campers for public relations purposes connected to this program and future programs associated with Magic Minds, Inc. The child’s name will not be published with an image.
If you would prefer the organization to avoid photography of your child(ren), please send written notice by email or certified letter. Please be sure to receive a response to your request.
The registration fee in non-refundable. Full refunds will not be given at all. A parent may receive a refund of 50% of the funds submitted, following a written request submitted before the first day of camp.  
Weekly payments are no longer an option. All accounts must be paid in full by June 22, 2020. After June 22, a late fee of $10 per day will be added until the account is paid in full. Campers will not be allowed to attend unless the account balance is $0.