Magic Minds, Incorporated is the conceptual brainstormed idea of three educators in the Baltimore City and Baltimore County School Systems. After working at various summer camps for the past decade while matriculating through college as well as starting careers, the trio picked up skills and expertise needed to open a summer enrichment camp for elementary school age children. Having over 25 years (combined) of experience in academic interactions with children, these three educators saw a need to bridge the summer gap in academic acquisition and retention for students attending public schools. Adding to the educational experiences, the founders have extensive training in leadership, effective social skills with people and enrichment camp endeavors. From this desire to satisfy a need, came the idea to develop an institution that would cater to academics and the fun associated, beginning with summer break from school. Since then, the organization has grown to encompass an after school program, as well as summer camp availability for middle school students.


In the age of Common Core State Standards, and the inevitable fail of the No Child Left Behind Act, parents are flocking to summer programs that mention "academics" somewhere in the description of the summer camp experience. Unknowingly, parents are signing up for what turns into a haphazard implementation of academic REVIEW. In many cases, this REVIEW is the result of minimal planning sessions and a few minutes in front of a copier. Very differently, Magic Minds promises that all campers will receive INSTRUCTION from a CERTIFIED TEACHER for 4 days in each week of camp. Furthermore, the INSTRUCTION stems from strategically calculated planning based on a formal pre-assessment. In layman's terms, campers are assessed at the beginning of summer and then taught lessons based on their actual academic level. Our overall goal is to expose campers to skills they will learn in the coming grade level. Studies show that starting the school year ahead of the class not only boosts students' confidence in their ability to succeed, it also allows students to access critical thinking comprehension questions and complex analytical math problems with less resistance. This leads to strong thinkers and learners. And strong thinkers and learners become inspiring adults!   

Besides, haven't you read the research?  Most students lose 30% of the knowledge they acquired in math and reading over the summer if they do not have access to rigorous academics over the summer months. Visit our In the News page to read more about the Summer Slide!


Our goal is to provide extracurricular experiences that merge academic achievement, social skills and unforgettable enjoyment. We strive to academically and socially transform the minds of young children.